How to Get Your Ideal Snowboard

You’ll come across plenty of information about snowboarding when you want to get started. After you’ve found a good instructor, the next step would be to pick the right snowboard. It can be overwhelming at times to find the right snowboard for your endeavours. So, we’ve decided to give you some effective tips that would help you get an ideal snowboard. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just getting started or you’re are a pro. The fundamentals of finding the right board would mostly remain the same. Besides the features of your snowboard, you must know the kind of terrain you like to ride on. Here’s how you can get your ideal snowboard:

Select an appropriate length 

Your body weight and the kind of riding you want to do determines the snowboard’s length. Some time ago, choosing a board seemed quite simple. All you had to do was stand next to a snowboard. If the top portion hit your chin, it was considered a good fit. While this is a convenient way to choose your snowboard, you’ll also need to consider other factors. 

They are the capacity level, weight, and construction of the board. Consider getting a somewhat longer board if you’ll be mostly freeriding. It will help you in maintaining good stability and speed. Go for smaller sizes if you want to try freestyle snowboarding. It will make it easier for you to spin and manoeuvre in the half-pipe or a terrain park.

Determine the right width 

Your snowboard boots will loom over the edges of the board when its waist width is of the correct size. However, it won’t be so much as to hit the snow when your snowboard is on the edge. The toes and heels must extend slightly over the board’s edges. This will allow you to apply leverage to the snowboard and modulate pressure using your ankles. 

Your boots would hit the snow during hard turns if they extend too far over the edge. This would cause you to fall. The boot sizes of snowboards vary by manufacturer. They also vary by models produced by a single manufacturer’s line. 

Choose the right type of snowboard

Many boards are designed to get the most out of your ride. Generally, you can ride any type of board on any terrain. You must decide what type of terrain you’ll be riding on. Besides, your capacity level matters and so does your preference. Almost all the snowboards are designed to work well in any condition of snow and terrain. 

Freestyle or park snowboards can be a little shorter in length as they are used mostly in terrain parks. If you’re spending most of your time in varied terrain and off groomed runs, freeride snowboard is for you. Splitboards are used for uphill travel. They have climbing skins and are made up of two separate halves. It makes for a perfect design for backcountry riders. 

Consider the cost and durability

The cost factor just can’t be ignored when you’re buying something. Always go for quality items that suit your budget well. Durability must always be considered before you decide to get the desired snowboard. It is determined by various factors, such as the quality of edges and base material and the wood used. The type of laminates in the layup and how all the elements are put together also determine the cost.

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