6 Mistakes That Snowboarders Must Avoid As Beginners

Riding through the snow on a snowboard seems quite exciting to many. This is the reason why this winter sport has become immensely popular over the years. If you’re thinking of getting started in this sport, you need to do certain things right. Like any other sport, it all begins with the right training. Although snowboarding is not as common as skiing, it still has many fans across the world. 

You’ll have many reasons to give snowboarding a try despite the fact that it can be challenging to learn. Once you’ve mastered the basics, the learning curve would certainly get easier. Here are a few mistakes that you need to avoid when you are a first-time snowboarder:

1. Not taking professional lessons

When it comes to learning snowboarding, you can either teach yourself, learn from a friend, or take professional lessons. Teaching yourself hardly works. Learning from a friend may get you started, but you won’t gain the required skills and techniques. To develop proper form and technique and get to a decent level, getting professional lessons is the best option.

2. Not taking your time

Whether you have lots of experience skiing, surfing, or skateboarding or you don’t, don’t rush into snowboarding. It would definitely take time and patience to master snowboarding, as it’s a different sport. If you’re ready to give it the time and attention it requires, you’ll be rewarded well. Once you get that breakthrough, things would move faster than you thought and in a positive manner.

3. Not focusing on physical fitness

Although it appears like you just need to glide down a slope, snowboarding is physically very demanding. In reality, you’ll be using almost every muscle in the body. The sport involves shifting your weight, turning, balancing, and stopping. It is, therefore, extremely important to have a certain level of endurance and strength. You must focus on your physical fitness before you’re ready to spend time on the slopes. 

4. Wearing the wrong outfit

Wearing the right clothing is absolutely necessary for snowboarding. Despite this fact, very few beginners get this right. You must have a base layer that keeps you dry. Then, you must add a mid-layer of clothing for maintaining the warmth. Next, you would need an outer layer that breaks the wind and keeps out moisture. Such type of clothing prepares you for rough weather. It also helps you in keeping warm while you learn how to snowboard.

5. Going out on your own

Never make the mistake of going out on your own as a beginner in this sport. You’ll surely have other people on the slopes, but you need a friend, partner, or instructor nearby. They’ll keep an eye on you. The possibility of any untoward incident happening is always slim, but it’s always better to be safe.

6. Attempting to break your fall with your hands

One thing that would surely happen is that you’ll fall during your first few rides. When you do fall, don’t try to minimize its impact with your hands. If you do, you may end up injuring your wrists. You don’t need to worry about your fall, as the snow and your clothing would act as cushions. It may seem as if you’re doing nothing, but it is a much safer option.

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