4 Exciting Places for Snowboarding in the United States

Snowboarding is gradually becoming a favourite among winter sports enthusiasts. In the past few years, millions of snowboarders have visited a ski or snowboarding region. A considerable number of guests at the ski-resorts were snowboarders. 

Moreover, snowboarders made up practically 50% of the ski-resort visitors in the American West. Now, you might want to experience this fast-paced winter sport but are not sure which location is the best. In case you’re a free rider, you’ll be interested in some untouched areas in the mountainous regions of the West. 

If you’re a freestyler, you might consider trying the terrain parks. They’d be one of the ideal places to try some adventurous moves of snowboarding and get enough practice. Here are some of the sought-after snowboarding destinations in the United States:

1. Kirkwood

Located in California, Kirkwood covers a vast area of more than 2,000 acres. It is home to four terrain parks that are great for all snowboarders, whether beginners or experienced. You might require some extra effort to get to this resort. However, the fresh snow and the dynamic snowboarding scene makes it worth the effort. 

Even kids can learn snowboarding at the Adventure Land Beginner Park. The Rip Curl Playground would be a perfect place for middle-level snowboarders. At this spot, they can try jumps, boxes and a half-pipe. Advanced snowboarders would have loads of fun at the Rip Curl/Stomping Grounds. 

2. Alpine Meadows

Yet another exciting snowboarding destination in California, Alpine Meadows is located in Lake Tahoe’s north section. Visitors can also enjoy beautiful views of the lake besides indulging in snowboarding adventures. Alpine Meadows is at a high base elevation of around 6,840 feet. 

The slopes, therefore, remain dry on most of the days. Alpine Meadows is also home to a recently revamped terrain park called The Shadows. It uses the mountain’s natural features, allowing snowboarders to board, jump, ride, and rail. 

3. Mount Hood Meadows

Mount Hood Meadows is located on the east side of Mount Hood in Oregon. The trails available for snowboarders range from smooth runs for beginners to steep slopes for the experienced. Every year, Mount Hood Meadows witnesses 430 inches of snowfall. You’ll have over 2,150 acres of terrain to try your snowboarding skills. 

There are six different freestyle terrain parks located in Mount Hood. They include The Zoo, Park Place, Superpipe, Shipyard, Forest Park, and Rose City Slopestyle. The new Superpipe measures 500 feet with a pipe that is 18 feet high. As not much snow is required to ride it, the pipe opens early in the season. It is also lit up after dark to facilitate night riding.

3: Squaw Valley 

This charming mountain village is located in California’s Olympic Valley. You can get to Squaw Valley by taking a 45-minute drive from Reno, Nevada. This wonderful snowboarding destination is surrounded by 4,000 acres of terrain and six peaks. It had hosted the 1960 Winter Olympics and is an ultra-modern snowboarding facility today. 

It receives a yearly snowfall of 450 inches and has 300 days of sunshine. The mountain village has the ideal conditions for snowboarders of all skill levels. Don’t miss riding the KT-22, which is a fabulous mountain for snowboarding enthusiasts. It was named for the number of kick turns taken for a skier to reach the valley.

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