Palmer Saga snowboard for 2011

The Saga has a radial rocker from tip to tail, which is a combination Palmer fans have never imagined. This combo works great. Shaun and company have created a freestyle snowboard, which adapts to riding all over mountains.

The manufacturer describes this snowboard as hook free jibbing and playful.

This board gives an effortless ride with its pure rocker design. The Saga has a catch free feel that excels on jumps and jibs. It spins like a top and has predictable flex with a soft feel and poplar core for tons of sideways action in the park. The Saga will float through powder, cruise in the backcountry and absorb the chop with ease. From powder to park, newbie’s and legends alike will all enjoy the playful style and intense graphics of the Saga.

Here is what one use of the Saga has to say:

Palmer which manufacturers the Saga has always been on the cutting edge. Perhaps I am wrong, however I have not seen them try very hard in order to pass up the competition. These boards always have a great reputation. Shaun Palmer has always been a legend in the snowboard industry. However, after years of riding, I have never tried one of these boards until I bought the Saga. Man I have definitely been missing out.

The Saga is a freestyle full rockered board that looks incredible with the Mick Jagger lip graphics. When I strapped on the board I immediately noticed it was very skinny. This may not be the board for any rider with larger feet, however, for me it was perfect. When I was sliding experienced a medium soft flex and was popping 180s. I had the feeling as if this board has always been strapped on my feet. When I went straight a did a bit of carving this board immediately transformed into a high speed charger with tons of stability and tons of pop. The Saga is very impressive and an all round for anyone wanting to ride a board for all seasons whether on or off the piste, in the powder or in the park. No matter if you are on the kickers or on the rails, this is the perfect board for you. When riding the 159cm I felt the board was a bit long. I’m not that tall and not that heavy but nevertheless I am considering buying the shorter version for next season.

Dec 2011

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