Palmer P-Line snowboard

Palmer P-Line Snowboard 156

The Ultimate Value Board, the Palmer P-Line snowboard. Overwhelmed, confused, intimidated about selecting a snowboard? Rows of boards to choose from, too many graphic choices, and lots of very confusing technical terminologies and distinctions. What’s my riding style, the sales guy asks? Wow … What do I know? I just wanna go snowboarding. I’m looking for a snowboard to do exactly that. Make it easy for me!
P-Line … Always right! Easy selection … Made for snowboarding. No riding style differentiations. Simple … timeless colors and graphics. Clean and simple but with a modern cool design. Ease of use… Palmer product. Made in Europe. Comfortable and safe for a guaranteed trouble-free snowboarding experience. Easy and safe choice … No confusing technical terminologies, but very high brand credibility. Safe, fun, clever, cool, has style and class, plus … accessible for everybody.
Key Features of the Palmer P-Line Snowboard:

* Prepreg
* Full Sidewall Construction
* Full Length Poplar Woodcore
* Tri-Radial Sidecut
* Stone Ground Inlaid 4400 Isospeed Base
* Full Wrapped Edges
* Length (cm): 151
* Effective Edge (cm): 120
* Tip/Tail Width (cm): N/A
* Waist Width (cm): 24.8
* Sidecut (m): 7.7

May 2011

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