Palmer Halo Women’s Snowboard

Palmer Halo Snowboard 152

This Palmer Halo Snowboard is designed for women and is a fine choice for beginning snowboarders. This snowboard is made of a full-length beech/poplar woodcore with NCF Prepreg, which makes for a durable board and a consistent ride. It is also made with a progressive Klothoid sidecut, making it easier to pull through your turns. The full sidewall construction on this board’s edges also help with turns, and allow you to dig in to the snow more easily while you build up your skill level on the slopes.

Key Features of the Palmer Halo 152cm Snowboard:

# 2006 winner: Transworld’s Top Five Board Test
# Klothoid sidecut for smoother turns
# Full sidewall construction
# Tip-to-tail beech/poplar woodcore
# NCF prepreg
# 4400 Fluowaxed high speed racing base
# Recommended PLS: Flex
# Sidecut (m): 6.8
# Eff.edge (cm): 119.5
# Stance Width (cm): 40-56
# Waist (cm): 24.1

May 2011

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