Palmer Flash snowboard

Palmer’s Flash for 2011 is the savior of snowboarding. It’s the Flash Gordon of border cross snowboard thanks to Shaun Palmer. The Flash has a zero chamber between the feet and the rocker at the tip for jibs and rails. Combined with spec design and shape you are a weapon and can hammer any slope style course. You are armed to take down Ming the Merciless and his henchmen.

Manufacturers are describing the Flash as 100% pure confidence for slope style and park

This board is both trustworthy and comfortable and has been completely redesigned with a rocker shape with a zero chamber. It has extra smooth flex with a snappy response. The Flash is both for slope style riding and the park. It has been engineered with Palmers’ full side wall construction, prepreg, and solid poplar wood core. It also has a tri radial side cut that boasts full wrapped edges with a centered stance that has an Iso speed 4400 base, which is easy to repair.

This board is for either goofing off or high speed crud bustin. The Flash is killer on jib no matter what level of rider you are.

Dec 2011

Palmer Snowboards


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