2011 Palmer Burn snowboard

The Burn is soft enough for perfect freestyle depending on what type of freestyle you want to do. The Burn is considered the beast of snowboards. You can take it into the pipe and no doubt, the Burn will smoke Any Finch style. The Burn will dominate the hips and kickers with outstanding landings and takeoffs that have extreme precision designed to give pop huge and ride out rutted with moguled landings. If given half a change this board will buck like a bull.

The manufacturer describes this board as an easy to turn mountain powerhouse.

The Burn is the winner of Transworld’s Good Wood Top 10 and excels at everything. It is stiff enough to carve and soft enough to freestyle. The Burn is easy to turn and has a rocker shape plus a wood grain finish. It combines a solid poplar wood core with lightweight honeycomb construction in the tip and tail. The Burn is a hybrid that has the butter of rocker along with the precision of camber. You can forget all those rocker washouts. The Burn has pop enough to rip parks and speeds to smoke out everyone.

User reviews have stated that if you have a larger frame than an average snowboarder does and your feet are a big bigger but you have a pen change for firm and aggressive snowboards then the Burn may just be the snowboard for you. One customer has stated, “My first impression was good. The Burn is very light considering I was riding a 160, it was a vast improvement compared to previous Palmer’s which I have found to be a bit weighty. The graphics of the Burn are not offensive have has a high gloss wood veneer which appeal to most Palmer fans. The edge was great, but nothing to write home about. The base needed a good wax so I won’t pass judgment on that. The burn felt very stable at high speed. This may be proof that the FLF works along with Palmer’s high speed decks. The firm flex and extra width worked against the quick edge transitions.

However, if you have a size 11 shoe you won’t notice a lot of delay. Palmer has dubbed this board the ultimate in freestyle boards. If you want to work this board in the park, you will have to be an aggressive and confident rider and be prepared to hit the big jumps and fly out of pipe walls, jibs, tables and rails. You have to be going fast to get the maximum out of this board. The pop from the Burn is like TNT but it takes serious energy to work this board. This is definitely not the lazy rider’s board. If you want a snowboard for that is hard and fast in any type of snow the Palmer Burn is the board you want. When you hit the parks, hit a few jibs off you don’t need to look anywhere else. This board is serious”.

Oct 2011

Palmer Snowboards


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