Palmer P-Line snowboard

Things are changing with the brand created by the legendary Shaun Palmer. It used to be that Palmer and pricey were two were that went hand in hand but not anymore. Palmer has been building snowboards for beginner riders and makes the price very affordable. The P-Line is the perfect snowboard for beginner riders that want a good ride. The materials are high quality and have subtle yet mature graphics.

Manufacturers are saying the P-Line is simple, fun and always right

Are you confused, overwhelmed and intimidated about choosing a snowboard? Are there just too many boards, way too many graphics, and too many technical terminologies? What is the sales clerk asks what my riding style is? Do I know that? All I want to do is ride. I want a snowboard that does exactly that. I want to make it easy for me.

The P-Line is just right. It’s an easy choice. It’s timeless, simple, has great colors and graphics. It’s straightforward and is packed with all performance standards. This board is safe and comfortable to ensure trouble free snowboard fun. It’s cleaver, fun and cool with plenty of style and class. You get superior end hold, strength and pop with a great price.

Dec 2011
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